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Hotel Broadband Packages

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There are various pricing structure for Hotel Broadband Internet Access. Pricing can be based on overall Hotel occupancy rate or On Demand basis. Example of pricing structure can be seen below.

Table 3. Sample Hotel Broadband Internet Package
Proposed pricing based on Occupancy Rate for Broadband Internet only
US$ 1.1 / Room / Day
Proposed pricing based on Occupancy Rate for Broadband Internet and Hotel Multimedia SystemUS$ 2.8 / Room / Day
Proposed pricing for Hotspot Access other than Hotel Guests or Tenants Rp 10.000 / 2 hours
Proposed pricing for Tenants other than Hotel Guests who use the Internet on monthly basis (Depend on Broadband Internet speed)From Rp 250.000

For Hotel and Apartment, we can customize different scenarios depending on Building Management business requirement. The price to Tenants largely depend upon the number of Tenants and the amount of Bandwidth required.

We can assist you to minimize cost as well as maximize your revenue when it comes to managing Broadband Internet. Depending on Business needs, we are able to customized Hotel and Apartment Broadband Internet Packages to suit your needs.


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