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Appartement Broadband Packages

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There are various pricing structure for Apartment Broadband Internet Access. Pricing is normally based on Bandwidth Size. Broadband pricing per unit Apartment can be seen below.

Table 4. Apartment Broadband Internet Package
Apartment Lite Broadband         - Up to 384 kbps
 Rp    150.000
Apartment Medium Broadband   - Up to 512 kbps
 Rp    300.000
Apartment Heavy Broadband    - Up to 768 kbps
 Rp    500.000
Apartment Premium Broadband - Up to 1 Mbps Rp    650.000
Apartment Premium Broadband - Up to 2 Mbps Rp 1.000.000

For Apartment, we offer assistance in various IT related matters such as Apartment Web Hosting, Apartment Digital Bulletin or Communication Board as well as various IT related troubleshooting. These services come with our Broadband Internet packages to Apartment.

We have Revenue Sharing scheme for Apartment Broadband Packages. Contact us for more information on how we can help you with Apartment Broadband Internet access.


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