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We have served various prominent Hotels and Apartments in areas such as Broadband Internet, Network Infrastructure, Bandwidth Management as well as Technical Support Services.

Hotel and Apartment have unique requirement when it comes to Broadband Internet Solutions. We can create custom unique solutions for Hotel or Apartment depending on the Building Management as well Business requirements.

For Hotels or Apartments that already have Broadband Internet. There are further improvements that can be made to increase Occupancy as well Services to Tenants. Example of Area of Improvements are as follows:

01 Installing Public Areas such as Lobby, Swimming Pool and Lounge with with Wireless Access Point (hotspot) so Guests and Tenants can access the web not only from their rooms but also from public areas using a Single Account.

02 Providing guests with a Multimedia System which will increase guests and tenants staying experience. The main purpose of the Multimedia System is for Entertainment, Business Information as well as General Information of what's happening around the property.

03 Improving Bandwidth Management. We understand and have the experience in managing bandwidth for Hotel and Apartment environment. Proper Bandwidth Management is necessary to prevent bottlenecks and troubleshoot various problems that may occur such as network and arp virus.

04 Improving Technical Support Services. We understand that support services is an important aspect of keeping the Guests and Tenants happy. We can integrate support services as part of the whole offering to Guests and Tenants. Three important support services areas include Technical Support, Installation and Maintenance.


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